How to improve Technorati rank

Posted on: August 17, 2009

For the blogger, of course, you are not alien to Technorati. Technorati is a measure of the popularity and performance of a blog. So if you’re ready ngeblog media should never forget this. You can trust in Technorati that connect with all the media around the blog posts. If there is a note of the URL or link Technorati blog you will react and give an evaluation. For WordPress, Technorati said, as the search engine integrated in the list when you type something related to another blog.
How to improve Technorati rank
Benefits Tehcnorati

Transit traffic of traffic, this is very clear. Who does not need traffic to your blog that you have made with great difficulty. There is a high traffic blog indicates that they are very popular, and then the money is. Hmmm … What money? I also have not? Please learn more about the fans on the blog of a professional blogger who has been a success to achieve that ditulisan Akan Akan Datang try to give my explanation. Here we will only learn what is the authorization or increase the range to Technorati blog ranking.

Honestly, just to know if the link is the correct term in the vocabulary EYD, but simply because it is popular, I will use the term link or link or relevance. Link or Technorati is a blog type link with you or inbound links. How many inbound links that exist on the internet or on blogs or websites that include the URL of your blog. The most Akan better. This is also the trust of many people like a blog to get Page Rank (PR) and an accelerated pace. For those who do not have Page Rank Akan know later that we learned of this problem.
Immediately Claim Blog

The first step in getting a response from the Authority Ranking meregistrasikan then leave you in the Technorati blog. Do not forget to confirm as soon as possible to show that you are the owner. Before registering your blog at Technorati and confirm that it has not been eating non-Akan Technorati ranking.
Start building links
Technorati rank
How the easiest way to create links? tergampang is a way to leave impressions on the blog or other website:

* Comment on other blogs that you know or not.
* Provide a comment that makes the reader curious about who is writing so that when you click the URL of your blog.
* Link or banner exchange with a fellow blogger. This is a bit more difficult because not everyone wants to do.
improve Technorati rank
Things that have to be a problem is a Page Rank DoFollow blogs and features. At least you can leave comments on blogs that have a Page Rank 3-5 or smaller. In general, blogs are DoFollow application characteristics. What is DoFollow? this is a comment on the characteristics that, in general, there are certain disebuah blog allows the blog to display the URL that appears in the name disebuah comment. My suggestion is that whenever you type a comment below, that the law must own blog URL alias should not be left blank. So why Page Rank 3? usually 3-5 blog Page Rank DoFollow apply because it is still a link to another blog (outbound) with the hope of improving the link from input to return.

What about the blog that has a Page Rank 3-5 above? Of course, this is better when leaving a message there because it will help accelerate Technorati gives ranking. However, the need to remember, a blog popular and has a high Page Rank to the response of the various functions that apply generally, or DoFollow nofollow investing. It also has a range of DoFollow the very existence of spam comments, therefore, natural that a popular blog features Akan implement nofollow. If our aim is to increase inbound links, then you should leave a message on the blog that implement DoFollow.
Working Technorati
How to improve Technorati rank
Akan Technorati ping feature to have in his blog that mentautkannya. Some time after writing a new post not directly Ping Technorati, the blog you will not increase the automatic classification directly. WordPress for users hosting their own servers disebuah adds the url to ping Technorati every time you publish new posts members. You can add the URL: on regulation / Settings – Writing / Drafting. In the update to add URL.

Make checks through Google or Yahoo to see how many links that already exist. Google is an example on how to type: link: Often, they are often committed and comparing with the blogs that you know, of course, you will have your own conclusions why Page Rank is better instead of your blog.
Another way to increase inbound links

First we have to conclude that with increasing number of blogs linking to the blog will get a high Technorati ranking in popular search dimesin even as Google, Yahoo and Live Search. There are ways to improve the speed, but not all the way is “healthy” means a lot of available forms that are not fair to do this. I recommend to use the media to achieve a reasonable increase especially with content that is interesting, the intensity of writing regularly, and so on. If you can not wait to get millions of links that entry can be found on the Internet, but beware, as it allows you to Akan di blog banned by search engines.

Well .. to improve the range of Technorati’s easier to exchange link with my fellow bloggers to exchange links, but here is the post exchange with colleagues and bloggers who have been listed in Technorati, for example … in the advertisement is a link to another blog that the blog this link will take an increasing ranknya.Tertarik Technorati Technorati rank? lnk comment Please notice a change to improve Technorati rank


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