Tips Prevent Swine FLu

Posted on: August 18, 2009

Outbreak of swine flu that worried the international community. Although dangerous, this disease can be prevented. Not to worry, here are tips to prevent all types of flu and respiratory illness that is spread from human to human.

Tips first and easiest is diligent hand washing with soap and water several times a day. “No one is able change importance of washing hands,” said a statement from the ASEAN Secretariat Team of One for Health (ASEC ONE-Health) in their official site, on Tuesday (28 / 4).

Avoid too often touching eyes, nose, or mouth. Flu viruses are often spread when someone touches the surface of the bacteria contamination, and touching the eyes, nose, and mouth respectively.

If there are reports of flu outbreaks, while avoiding first to shake hands and kiss other people. Avoid public places if you get sick, to prevent the spread of disease to other people. Do not forget to close the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, it can also prevent spread of the virus.

“If you do not have a tissue or handkerchief, cough or sneeze close to the sleeve, do not use your hands to cover. Dispose of tissue in the trash and use masks to protect people around,” continued tips ASEC-ONE Health.

As much as possible, try to keep distance with them healthy, so you will not infect. It is a good idea if you familiarize oneself with healthy lifestyles. Avoid smoking, sleep enough, exercise enough, manage stress, drink lots of water and consumption of healthy food that nutrition.

In connection with the flu infecting pigs in several countries, avoid traveling to countries that reported cases due to new variants of H1N1 virus. If sick, do not use the aircraft or other public transportation.

“If you get sick after visiting the country to report bird flu pigs, report it immediately to the nearest medical officer. Listen to the health authority in each place,” he added. Most important, always follow the latest developments of bird flu outbreaks and medical action suggested by the local health authority.


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