How to increase Alex a Rank

Posted on: May 9, 2010

In the online business, increasing your blog’s Alexa Rank is mandatory. Because there are several online business program that provides Alexa Rank in terms of certain restrictions. For example Adsense program, Paid To Review, and many more. If we do not even use a blog for make money online, Alexa Rank can we make a reference to the quality of the blog.

There are many ways to increase the Alexa Rank. Even if it has been many articles about how to increase Alexa Rank, as a good blogger, I just want to share what I know.

Install Alexa Rank Widget
Usually a beginner blogger ashamed to install this widget. To install the Alexa Rank Widget on your blog, please see According to me, we do not have shame because this is one of way to increase Alexa Rank.

Install Alexa Toolbar
We can install Alexa Toolbar in the Firefox and Internet Explorer. To install the Alexa toolbar can be seen at Do not forget to make your blog as the homepage in the browser you use.

Post articles about Alexa
Create articles about Alexa and post at your blog like articles about Alexa, tips of Alexa, etc.

Increase Your Traffic
To improve traffic visits can be done with join the mailing list/forum that matches the theme with your blog. In addition, you can also blogwalking and commented on the others blog.


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