Negatifve imfact of the internet

Posted on: May 9, 2010

In fact the progress of all advanced technology may cause a negative impact on users, especially for students. Negative impacts include:

1. Increase the number of students who are truant, absent the school until does not want to school.
    The reasons for their particular is can access the lessons were given by teachers from anywhere,
    including at home or a public place.

2. Addictions Internet, where children and young people occupied in front of the computer more
    than 8 hours a day. They assume that the meet with the teacher and socialization
    with friends is not important.

3. With the Internet, children can freely explore and find information easily, according to the desired and the groove.

4. Children can freely access the sites of adults that is not feasible for children, especially those related to violence and sexual abuse.

5. Children can become involved in gambling with the game.

We acknowledge that the internet is not as addicted drug addicted. Drugs addictions include an addicted physical (biological) and psychological. Internet addictions more similar to the addicted of gambling is only psychological factor that role.

Symptoms are the visible child spends excessive time in front of a computer and access the internet every day and leave their psychological needs. Including the development of psychological is reasoning, emotions, behavior, socialization and communication.

Psychological impact of the future is a worrying failure in the development of psychological and preoccupation with the internet can be continued with the emergence of suspicion, which of course will cause a strange behavior that often does not match with the reality.


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mantap priend is ur info

sukses selalu mas

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