Eating Healthy Does Not Change Your Life

Posted on: May 20, 2010

We are frequently talking about eating healthy food and how we should add vitamins, minerals and more to our daily diet to be able to make our bodies fit for the challenge of what we call life.

Just a part of the puzzle.

The food we are eating is certainly important for our well being and to be able to develop and function properly, but it is just a part of the puzzle.

Cars can not function if we feed it with bad gasoline and the same will happen with our human body if we feed it with bad food. It will be just a matter of time before the engine or our health breaks down.

We could eat the most healthy food on the planet, and still not be successful with our health plan, if we do not understand the importance of having a healthy mind.

It all starts in your mind.

It was ones said, a man becomes what he think about all day long. This is very true as all creation starts with a thought.

Look around yourself. Every man-made thing you can see started with a thought, which initiated a creation of an object.

You are not different and whatever you keep in your mind you are creating. Positive and loving thoughts about yourself and others will create a balanced and fulfilled life.

A life filled with hate, greed, jealousy and gossips will not create a healthy body even if you are eating the best healthy food and supplements in the world.

Who are living the longest?

What are people in different cultures doing to reach a very high age and live a fulfilled life?

Studies shows that it has nothing to do with money and what you are able to buy. The most important factors for a long healthy life are as follows:

* Regular movement and walking.

* Eating of natural and non-processed food.

* Loving family relations.

* A healthy social environment with positive people.

I strongly believe that we can make a huge difference in our lives by just doing a little bit of exercise in a way that you can enjoy.

Cut out the processed food and go for more fruits and vegetables.

Pick your friends and social environment carefully as they have an enormous influence on your outlook on life.

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by: Mats Loefkvist



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