Eating Chocolate Healthy

Posted on: June 10, 2010

 All really dedicated chocolate lovers dream about being eating healthy chocolate.

Research from more than 19,000 Germans revealed that those who ate an average of seven or more grams of chocolate per day appeared to have a lower risk of heart attack and stroke and lower blood pressure.

The lead researcher Brian Buijsse of the German Institute of Human Nutrition reported, “To put it in terms of absolute risk, if people eating the least amount of chocolate increased their intake by six grams a day, 85 fewer heart attacks and strokes per 10,000 people could be expected to occur over a period of about 10 years”.

Xocai products, manufactured from Belgium cocao powder, which has not been treated with alkalis, are mixed with acai berry and blueberry.

They contain eight times the levels of antioxidants than other kinds of chocolate.

As discovered by Cornwall University food specialists, the cocoa fruit powder, which has the top antioxidant quality of all natural foods in the world, has nearly twice as many oxidants of red wine and up to three times those found in green tea.

Earlier research has suggested that the answer may be found in the complex molecules known as flavanols, which adhere the gas nitric oxide to the cells that line the inner walls of blood vessels. Lower blood pressure may be created as nitric oxide causes smooth muscles to relax.

Although a lot more research needs to be completed, in order to understand why chocolate appears to aid the heart, Swiss and American, Australian studies point towards the same findings.

The risk of heart attack and stroke was lowered by nearly 40% says Professor Peter Howe from the University of South Australia.

The cause of this is due to the fact that high levels of antioxidant compounds known as Catechins helps protect against heart diseases, other researchers say.

Some assert cocoa also seems to contain anti-aging and anti-inflammatory qualities. Cocoa is also a superior source of the sulphur, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium, iron, and manganese minerals and also some of the B Vitamins.

Cocoa has a high content of the “beauty” mineral, sulphur, which helps detoxify the liver, supports healthy functioning of the pancreas, helps build strong nails and hair and promotes beautiful and healthy skin.

The amino acid Tryptophan in cocoa which develops the neurotransmitter, also recognized as serotonin, which keeps us from feeling depressed, as it promotes positive feelings.

It is the refined sugar in any product that is the real problem.
by: Dr Wendy Stenberg-Tendys


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