5 Tips For Healthier Living

Posted on: September 17, 2010

1) Eat Several Small Meals

Eating more often with smaller portions is a simple way to help increase your metabolism and regulate blood sugar. Eating more often means that your system will be constantly processing the food which has the effect of increasing the metabolism and ultimately burning more calories. Smaller portions don’t tend to make you as full or expand your stomach so your stomach will actually shrink making you look better too. Get started first thing in the morning with a healthy breakfast like oatmeal to get your system burning calories.

2) Avoid Processed and Refined Foods

When grocery shopping try to remember to stay on the perimeter. The middle of the store typically contains the bulk of the processed foods that are canned and boxed and that have all the preservatives to go along with them. Doing the main part of your shopping outside the center aisles will give you access to the fresh produce, meats and bakery items that are healthier for your body.

3) Slow Down and Eat

Slowing down your rate of intake can dramatically reduce the amount of food you consume without making you feel like you are still hungry. Savor your food as you eat and aim to chew between 20 and 25 times before swallowing. The breakdown of food starts in your mouth and this step is a vital part of the digestive process. Eating too fast encourages overeating and puts more work on your internal digestive organs to process food that wasn’t properly chewed.

4) Get Lots of Color in Your Meals

Strive to add more color in your daily meals through your fruit and vegetable intake. Colorful fruits and vegetables are full of nutrient rich vitamins that will help you feel and even appear more healthy and alive. Talk to your medical practitioner about any vitamins or nutrients you may not be getting enough of and try supplementing your diet plan with natural foods to help ward off sickness.

5) Get on a Program

Find a diet or health program that fits your goals and lifestyle and use the program to help keep you on track. If your goal is weight loss there are several established programs like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, but if your goal is wellness and health consider a natural cleansing diet like the anti-Candida diet. The Candida Diet is a natural diet targeted at cleansing the body from Candida yeast which can cause joint aches, gas, bloating, depression and many other symptoms. Often these symptoms are a sign that the body is out of balance and a detox diet can help get you back to healthy living.


5 Responses to "5 Tips For Healthier Living"

thanks tips kawand

eat several meats is good for health

it's true don't eat too much rice and so on

Nice tips kawand.
Berkunjung juga

I'll remember this 🙂

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