Searching hot Valentine’s Day without going bubblegum pink

Posted on: February 4, 2011

It’s Valentine’s Day and have big plans! This is the first day of a year when I get to be as cheesy as you like and nobody can say a word about it! Of course, you want everything to be perfect as his hair, date, and clothing. But you need to use everything pink? After all, you want to look sexy and stylish, and seem to cotton candy is not just yours. Well, fear not, there are many great styles that can be used in this day of love without feeling as if they are made of sugar. And there are ways to wear pink style too!

For Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is to stay ultra feminine and flirtatious fun. If the date takes place during the day, you can be very casual. You can even get away with wearing jeans just make sure you are cute and feminine. Jeans darker this year and the skinny jean is still there for those who can not get enough of the look. Boot cut jeans are also very cute and can be combined with a small and short boots.

These jeans can be paired with a flirty camisole. This does not have to be pink or red. In fact, a beautiful cream-colored shirt often looks great with dark jeans. Some lace with small flower details can be enjoyable. Or just wear a camisole definitely got a lot of areas of interest such as a nice little bow with ribbon trailing down the front can be a great way to dress fun and flirty. But seeing the Valentine’s Day falls in the winter, you might want to take something more than the camisole. A shrug it still looks amazing when paired with a camisole. To keep with the theme of Valentine’s Day, a red camisole will look totally hot with this team. But if you’re determined not to yield to the commercialization of the holidays, another color that looks great on you will do the trick.

And speaking of pink, if you think you bring in a better position than any other color, go ahead and choose a flirty pink top. From baby pink to hot fuchsia, has more options than you can count. A mini-pink dress or a stylish pink jersey or shrug or even a hot pink dress suit can make you dazzle.

If a girl without her handbag? Bring one, but make sure it is as cute as you team and choose a special one, not always carry. And finally, for a time during the day, do not wear heels. A good pair of shoes ballet style is especially impressive this can look or bright shiny floors, which also will do the trick!

A Valentine’s Day evening requires you to be a bit more formal. Put a dress is a necessity but does not have to be pink or red uniform. Long black dresses are always a classic, but you can also wear a short dress that has a nice feeling that is a solid color or a lot of details.

They also have more freedom of choice when it comes to shoes suitable for a date night. Heels are often the preferred option, but if you prefer not to wear heels, or if they are higher that date, you may want to choose a couple of floors sophisticated. Make sure the bag is stylish and stay on topic with the rest of the dress.


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