El Elegido capitulo 38 Telenovela online

Posted on: April 2, 2011

El Elegido capitulo 38 Telenovela online – In Novels diertance TV with The One capitulo 38 online, this capitulo for the day Wednesday March 23, 2011. You can see all the chapters of strategic soap opera that airs on TV.

El Elegido capitulo 38 : It tells the story of Andrew Bilbao, an ambitious and arrogant lawyer, married to Veronica San Martin and father of an autistic child. Andrew dreams of teaming up with Oscar Nevares Sosa, one of the owners of the law firm where he works. Having won a lawsuit, he is rewarded Andres with a trip to Spain that will change your life forever. There, not only will meet Maria, an idealistic lawyer you will feel an irresistible attraction, Al vacancy occurred, Andrew assumed to be “chosen”to occupy that place. However, Oscar, with all its perversity, he decides that any of the staff attorneys of the firm could be and makes them savagely compete to see who of the four is really capable of achieving, among which are Greta Salvio, Octavio Linares Calvo , His wife Erica, Roberto Plans, etc. The only one left out of the competition is Mariana, whose main goal is professional growth, but to find out the truth about the death of his father. Andrew will go through a myriad of tests to leave the cave in which he got while running the most extreme risks, such as losing his family, his dignity and the woman he loves


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