MarshandaTears Burst

Posted on: April 2, 2011

Marshanda beautiful artist claimed to have been born and ready to build the Big Dipper inner household with her ​​lover, Ben Kasyafani. As a form of readiness, the virgin who was familiarly called Chacha was also requested permission from his mother.

Actually this is usual recitation event. Her show still not too fancy really, ordinary aja. There I also ask for prayers as Mama, Sungkeman. Sad very least, to cry deh so, so sad, Chacon said from behind a fence at his home Menteng, Central Jakarta, Thursday (31 / 3).

On that occasion, Chacon also read out a poem for her Mom. According to Chacon, the purpose of his poems it is as a form of affection for Mama.

“The question of the poem is about I love to Mama. It also asked for blessings to mommy and ask hopefully Chacha and Mama do not forget to continue to protect Mama, he said.

Chacha and Ben will be married on Saturday (2 / 4) future in the Hotel Sofyan. Next will be continued with a reception at Bidakara, Sunday (3


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