Posted on: April 14, 2011

Garut know right ……..? One area in West Java is famous for its lunkhead and its hot water bath. Recently Picnic Following MIHAS halal food exhibition held in Kuala Lumpur on April 6 to 9. Anything that is on exhibit this MIHAS various types of foods and processed products from several countries including Indonesia:)

Where are we from Picnic Group showcased new products from our flagship named Choco DOL, lunkhead nicely packaged chocolate coated with a super wrapping paper
Picnic at once one of the company trademark lunkhead a well-known products as souvenirs and typical food Intan town, this Garut. Picnic give another touch on the wrap packaging by putting some photos lunkhead tourist attractions in the city of Garut and equipped with a slogan which intends to promote Indonesian culture and tourism in Garut.

So that has not been to the Main Page and never eat lunkhead Garut, let’s try try try, Choco Dol is also good;)

During the attempt


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Tank’s ur info at chocodol

Visit here viit too priend

Blogwalking visit here visit too my priend

Good night priend

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