Mineral makeup is good for sensitive skin.

Posted on: January 13, 2011

Skin varies from person to person. Some have beautiful glowing skin, where as some have rough skin, dull skin and some have sensitive skin. Everyone wants to take care for their skin, starting from natural glowing skins to the dull skin, there are various treatments or makeup materials are available by using you can change your skin tone.

But it is very difficult for sensitive skins to take care or do whatever makeup they want to use.
Most of the sensitive skins are affected by the redness, dry skin, acne, sunburn, hives along with many more bumps and blemishes. Causes and conditions vary from person to person. While some blame food, some says its genetic or environmental factors, at the same time some blames to cosmetics. Yes there are some cosmetics available in the market which varies according to skin. So these cosmetic makeup products are horrifying to sensitive skin persons to use any kind of makeup things.

Mineral makeup is totally different from the traditional makeup. Traditional cosmetics contain artificial colorants, cheap greases, waxes including other ingredients. But Mineral cosmetics are totally different according to input of ingredients. In mineral makeup all the ingredients are pure and made of natural extracts. Mineral makeup has a very traditional history, it was present from the ancient Egyptians, who at that age used ground minerals to color and improve their face skin.

Mineral makeup is most appropriate for the sensitive skin because its natural extracts do not harm or irritate the facial skin or won’t harm to the acne prone skin. The gentle use of this earthly makeup specially formulated not to change your skin’s Ph balance by preventing from oily or dry areas. Mineral cosmetics or its other mineral creams such as cc cream or bb cream enhance your skin by preventing surface of the skin from any outside damages. The natural ingredients even control and maintain your skin tone by reducing blemishes.

Mineral makeup is easy to use; one can easily use it any time and at any season. Mineral makeup is waterproof cosmetic, which can even use in rainy season. You can discover that even light application of few minutes sustains for long hours and gives you perfect glow with natural beauty.
Along with three steps you can easily apply the mineral cosmetics. First cover your skin with mineral foundation, next apply a light layer of your skin matching color enhancing mineral makeup across the cheekbones and at last apply other makeup products on your skin. Mineral makeup is a good treatment for your occasional pimples. It reduces the acne and blemishes to certain level on sensitive skins.
Rachel Kum is a beauty pageant titleholder who won the Miss Singapore Universe 2009 title. She is a graduate from University of Western Australia with majored in Finance. Rachel K’smineral Cosmetics, new Mineral CC cream collection exclusive launch was held in late August 2010 which was filmed by Channel News Asia


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